Renting An RV Long-Term? Here’s What To Look For.

An RV rental is the perfect option for a long trip or vacation. Families, couples, and friends in North Texas can rent an RV as a practical and affordable way of visiting several locations or experiencing life on the road for a few months. If you’re planning to rent an RV for a long trip, you should consider the following things first.

Long-Term RV Rentals: a Checklist


Find a Reliable Rental Company

The best place to rent an RV long-term is with an RV rental company like Quest RV. They have the experience to recommend the perfect model for your trip and prep you before you head out on the road. They also service and professionally clean their RVs regularly, so you know you’re renting a reliable vehicle.

Take a Look At Some Pictures

It’s hard to picture what you’ll be living in for a few weeks to a few months until you really look at it. If you can’t visit your RV rental company and check out some of their RVs, look at the pictures they provide online to have a better idea of what you’re renting. At Quest RV, we provide photos of the actual rental unit, so you know what it’ll look like.

Pick Your Features

RVs usually include the basics you’ll need for a long-term trip, e.g. hoses and connectors, mattress pads, coffee pot, toaster, microwave, stove, refrigerator, and freezer. But remember each RV is different!

Ask Quest RV about our units, what each one includes, and what we recommend for your long-term rental. You can also check them out on our website. If the RV you select doesn’t include a specific feature or amenity, there’s always a possibility to add it for an extra fee.

Check Reviews

Knowing previous customers’ experience is a great way to choose not just an RV rental company, but the type of RV as well. Read some reviews and note the type of RV the customer chose. If you’re traveling with your family, try to find reviews from other families to find the RV that will work best for you.

Get Insured

Anything can happen on the road, so having proper insurance is extremely important when renting an RV long-term. Make sure that the RV rental company you choose has an insurance option, so you’re covered on your trip.

For example, at Quest RV, we offer you two options:

  1. Extending your automobile policy to your RV rental.
  2. Purchasing a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) from us. While this is not insurance, it limits some of your responsibility for property damage and collision to our vehicle for each occurrence.

It’s Time To Hit The Road!

Once you’ve looked into these details, you’re more than ready to rent your RV! At Quest RV, we offer a variety of RVs you and your travel companions can enjoy on the road for weeks or months.

We make sure our RVs stay in top condition with regular servicing, on-site technicians, and professional cleaning. We also include complimentary features and services in our Customer Friendly Pricing Package, so you won’t be surprised by any extra fees when you pay. Reach out today to find the perfect RV for your long-term rental.