There are some things you have to consider before buying an RV. RVs come in many styles, meaning prices can also vary depending on RV features, model, or year, and these are all decisions you’ll be considering. But first, you have to think about where you’re planning to buy your RV.

When looking for somewhere to buy your RV, you usually have two options: you can buy it from an RV owner who wants to sell their RV for one reason or another, or you can buy it from a dealership that regularly buys and sells RVs. Let’s explore the benefits and potential problems of each option.

Dealership Vs Individual RV Owner

Purchasing an RV from an individual can be cost-effective, but also involves some risks. As a buyer, you need to check the maintenance and operation of the RV you’re buying to be certain about its condition. Also, consider why they’re selling their RV. Are they simply looking to upgrade, or could there be something wrong with the vehicle?

If buying directly from an individual makes you feel a little iffy, then going with a reputable RV dealership might be your best bet. Purchasing an RV from a reputable dealer gives you the assurance that the vehicle is in good condition and operating correctly.

Whether or not a warranty is included, dealers will typically verify that all systems on the RV are in good working order. Many dealers also have a maintenance history with the vehicle and know exactly what repairs have been done.

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