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Top 5 Reasons Why Summer RV Road Trips are the Best

Since 2020, our regular lifestyle has radically changed. The pandemic forced everyone to stay inside and cancel any plans involving crowded and shared spaces. Vacationing during a pandemic doesn’t leave you with many choices. You must prioritize your health and safety before anything else.

RVing has become a popular vacationing choice since the pandemic started. An RV rental allows you to travel around the country inside your own private space without exposure to viruses. This blog post will go into the main reasons people choose RVing when vacationing.


A Safe Summer Travel 

If you aren’t sure if RVing is for you, here are some advantages you get from choosing this vacationing style for this summer:

  • No Shared Spaces: During the pandemic, it’s recommended that you avoid shared spaces such as public bathrooms and shared kitchens. When renting an RV, you have your private bathroom and shower, which you can use anytime you want. You have peace of mind that it’s clean and free of contact other than the people traveling with you.
  • Achieve Social Distancing: Even though campgrounds can get a little crowded, this doesn’t become an issue because everyone stays protected inside their private space. 

RVs are like a home with wheels. You have a kitchen, a lounge, bedrooms, a bathroom, and everything you need to stay away from crowds and still enjoy your vacations in whatever space you choose.

  • Avoid Jammed Transportation: During the vacation season, airports get extremely crowded, and interstate buses are overbooked. It doesn’t sound like a good plan when trying to avoid a deadly virus, does it? 

When you rent an RV, you get to travel freely in your own safe space, exclusively with your friends and family, and, best of all, without any schedules! You won’t have to risk spending the rest of your vacation feeling under the weather.


20% Of Americans Choose RV Renting For Their Vacation

According to the RV Industry Association, since Covid 19 started, 20% of the American population has decided to vacation in an RV. At Quest RV, we have proudly served USA citizens for many years. Our luxury RV rentals are the best choice for a covid-free and fun vacation. 

When renting an RV with us, you get top-quality customer service and premium vehicles perfect to fit any family size and budget. RV renting with Quest RV is your best choice for this summer vacation. Don’t let anything stop you from having a memorable time with family or friends. 

Check out our RV catalog https://questrv.com/ or visit our facility: 368 National Dr. Rockwall, TX!

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