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Choosing The Best RV For Your Trip

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Finding it hard to pick what RV type is best to rent for your vacation? Don’t worry, it happens! Up next, we go over the four most common options available in most RV rental companies.

  • Class A RVs 

Class A’s are generally larger RVs ranging from 27-40+ feet and have the appearance of a bus from the outside. Class A’s are the most luxurious RVs, and feature a full-sized kitchen, bedrooms, a dinette, entertainment systems, and more. They also offer a smooth and relatively stable ride because of their weight.

  • Class B RVs 

Class B RVs are basically a van or sprinter conversion to an RV making them a lot more nimble and smaller than class A motorhomes. They offer many of the same features as Class A and C, but in a smaller, more compact package.

These are a very popular choice for small families and couples trying to get a little adventure in their lives. They include beds, kitchens, and baths — all the basic features you might want, just with a little less room to move around.

One of the benefits that make it so popular is that the driving experience is more “car-like,” since it’s very easy to maneuver. They are easier to park, at only 19-25 feet.

  • Class C RVs

Class C range from 22-34 feet in length and are easily identifiable due to the bunk over the cab of the truck. This class can offer the same type of comfort and range of amenities as a class A RV but in a smaller and affordable package.

  • Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are usually the best option for people that want to have the flexibility of driving their vehicle during their vacations. They are non-motorized RVs that are attached to and towed behind your personal vehicle. You can easily disconnect the trailer in the campsite and still be able to drive your vehicle with the same comfort you’re accustomed to.

Trailers have most of the same features like a motorized RV, except that they do not have on-board generators and require an electrical source to power appliances. They range in size from 16-39 feet.

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