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How To Know If You’re Dealing With A Reliable RV Rental Service?

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368 National Dr., Rockwall, TX 75032

How To Know If You’re Dealing With A Reliable RV Rental Service?

Texas is a big state with plenty of room to roam and what better way to explore it than in your RV? If you’re looking for a reliable RV rental service, you have to look out for many non-official companies that offer rental services but don’t guarantee quality service and vehicles.

Many times, non-licensed companies tend to have lower prices. However, there are many important factors that they keep from you during the rental process, such as real conditions of the vehicle, if there’s any regular maintenance, the existence of insurance, etc. This blog post will discuss the important things you should look out for in an RV renting company. 


Any Trustworthy RV Rental Company Should…


Perform Regular Maintenance On Their Vehicles

A good RV rental company must ensure that its vehicles are safe to drive. This is done by performing regular maintenance. Expert technicians must check all vehicles before being rented out to any client. Besides a regular oil change and tire pressure check, technicians must also check the water system to inspect the roof seals and electrical connections. 


Have A Roadside Assistance Service 

Whenever you rent out a recreational vehicle, it’s ideal if the company provides you with 24/7 roadside assistance. You never know what can happen on the road. It’s better to have someone you can reach out to during an emergency. Also, what if you have a question about how something in your RV functions? Having a technician just a phone call away can greatly benefit this situation.


Have A Proper Insurance Coverage

RV insurance protects injuries and damages to others during the rental period. A reliable renting company works through insurance to protect their vehicles from any accident on the road. Many commonly work through your auto insurance or offer you to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), limiting your damage responsibility for a certain amount per incident.


Be Transparent About Their Services

An RV rental company must be transparent about its vehicle conditions. What many non-certified RV renters don’t tell you is that they also have an RV management service in which they rent you an RV that belongs to someone else. They should be transparent about the real conditions that the RV presents and not hide any details from you to close a deal. 

When RVs have other owners, they tend to be more exposed. If the RV you chose gets damaged or isn’t available before your trip, the company should find another one for you that suits your needs and budget instead of making you cancel your plans.


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