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Is A Bathroom Really An RV “Must-Have” Item?

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If you’re planning to buy or rent an RV, you must know that you get to choose between bathroom-equipped models and bathroom-less models. How do you know which is more convenient? 

Of course, a bathroom is a basic necessity anywhere you go. Having one available in your RV might sound like the most logical decision, yet many RV campsites and parks have basic bathroom amenities you can use.

To make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together the pros and cons of having a bathroom-equipped RV in this blog.


The Pros Of Having A Bathroom In Your RV

It’s Convenient

We are used to having a bathroom conveniently everywhere. There’s always a bathroom nearby at the office, at home, in a gas station, or supermarket. If you’re not used to the road trip life, planning to go on a long trip without a bathroom can be challenging.

Without bathroom amenities in your RV, you’ll have to perfectly plan your stops and arrange your schedule for you to be able to take a shower and get ready at the time you need it. Remember that not all rest stops have bathroom amenities, and some even charge an extra fee for it.

Cleanliness & Privacy

Let’s be real. Most public bathrooms are a total nightmare, especially at places with hundreds of people coming in and out every hour. Also, waiting for hours to get a shower while feeling the pressure of having other people waiting for your spot is highly stressful.

Having a bathroom in your RV allows you to clean your own space as often as you want and not have to worry about strangers making a mess. Plus, it’s more hygienic, especially if you’re traveling.

You Can Go Anywhere

With a bathroom-equipped RV, you can go anywhere in the wilderness. There’s no need for you to suspend a camping trip deep into the woods because of no bathroom amenities nearby.

If you’re a female traveler, you know that doing your necessities in the wilderness isn’t the most comfortable and convenient idea. Having access to your bathroom means not having to worry about how and when you’ll go.


The Cons Of Having An RV Bathroom

Takes Up Too Much Space

Depending on the size of the trailer or motorhome you decide to rent, you won’t have much space available. Remember that this is a vehicle turned into a mini home, so everything has been placed strategically to give you just enough room to live comfortably.

Since a bathroom takes up too much space, you’re missing extra storage space, additional seating, or even fitting in a bigger bed. Is the convenience of an RV toilet worth all that space you’ll be missing?

Requires High-Maintenance

RV bathrooms can turn out to be very inconvenient due to the high maintenance they require. Waste in the holding tanks must be emptied regularly only in authorized RV waste disposal sites. This means you’ll have to make multiple stops and deviate from your planned route to ensure your tank doesn’t overflow.


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