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RV Management Services

We Manage and Maintain your RV

Earn Money From Your RV

You Own, We Manage, You Profit

Tired of seeing your RV sit and collect dust when you’re not using it? Quest RV can manage and maintain your RV, while renting it out to our clients. Through our RV Management program, your RV can make money for you, while you enjoy the benefits.
We handle the entire process, from renting it to storing it to performing upkeep. All units are maintained and cleaned after each rental, and all rentals are non-smoking. Your RV will be available for your use whenever you want it. The rest of the time, you can forget about it and let us do the work.


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Tax Benefits

Enjoy potential tax benefits when you rent your unit. Get reimbursement for Texas sales tax when you rent your RV, and write off maintenance, insurance and other expenses. Talk to your CPA.

Marketing & Maintenance

Never worry about your RV with Quest RV. We maintain your RV, manage your insurance, do marketing for your unit, and handle all the rental procedures.

Save On Expenses

We store your unit for a reduced rate on our secure lot, and charge you a reduced rate for parts and maintenance. Having an RV with Quest RV doesn’t just earn you money — it saves you money.

What We Do For You

Type of RV

We manage newer units and only bring them into the fleet if they are a couple years old or newer and retire them when they are 4 or 5 years old. Class A (under 26,000lbs), Class B, Class C & Travel Trailers (not 5th Wheels).

Management Agreement Length

The agreement is for one calendar year, but we do not hold you to that term. We only ask that you give at least 30 days written notice and to honor any current reservations.

Revenue Split

It is a 50/50 rental revenue split after credit card fees.


All renters are charged the 10% state rental tax and that is reimbursed to you until your Texas Sales Tax from the RV purchase has been recouped, after which the tax goes to the state.

Marketing and Advertising

We provide all marketing management, including on peer to peer rental websites.

Qualifying the renter

All renters must be over 25 years old and have a valid drivers license.


Check in and out procedures

The RV is completely checked for any issues prior to the renters arrival. During the renter training pictures are taken of the unit and the renter points out any issues or damages prior to taking the unit. Once the RV is returned our techs again completely check the unit for any damages during the rental. The renter is responsible for all damages incured while on the rental.

Holding renters accountable for damages

The renters are responsible for any and all damages to the RV. If the renter returns the unit damaged we work with them to cover the repairs, whether it is through their insurance or coverage they selected. The owner is not responsible for renter damage.

Where is the RV stored

The RV will be stored in Quest RV’s secured lot at a reduced rate.

RV Insurance

The RV must be added to our Commercial Insurance policy, then your personal policy can be cancelled.

What are you responsible for

You provide the RV, propane (we refill), insurance premium on the commercial policy, reduced storage and all routine maintenance at reduced  parts and labor. 

Can I use my RV

If you want to use your RV let us know and we will add a reservation on the books. We only ask that you honor any existing bookings we have on your unit.

Do you allow smoking in the RV's?

No. All of our units are strictly nonsmoking.

Do you allow pets

Pets are allowed and the renter is responsible for any damages they may cause.

What needs to be in the RV

Only these items need to be left in unit, remove everything else.

Power cable

Power cable surge protector

50a to 30a or 30a to 50a adapter

30a to 15a adapter (15a is a normal wall plug)

Leveling Blocks

Wheel blocks (if no auto-leveling system)

Coffee Maker


Cutting Board/Pad

Mattress Protector(s)

Mattress Pad(s)

Entry Rug

Bathroom Rug

Kitchen Trash Can

Bathroom Trash Can

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