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Must-Have Accessories For Any RV Traveler

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Imagine traveling across the country and suddenly getting popcorn cravings. So, you get your instant popcorn and put it in the microwave; 2 minutes later, you’re ready to enjoy your treat.

No, we’re not talking about packing a microwave in your suitcase. We’re referring to an RV! An RV is the best way to travel to wherever you want and bring your bed, kitchen, and even bathroom along with you. That means no stops at the gas station or a cheap motel and more time on the road having fun!

This blog will explain to all our RV lovers and RV amateurs what items are essential for you to bring on the road with you and have a peaceful and fun trip.


RV Traveler Checklist

Chargers and adapters: We are in the era of technology, and almost everyone owns a mobile device that requires energy to keep working. On a road trip, you most likely rely on your phone for GPS and communicating in case of an emergency.

Chargers and adapters will help you keep your devices charged and ready for whenever you need them without having to worry about the battery dying.

A fan: Yes, most RVs are indeed equipped with A/C and temperature regulators. However, never take any situation for granted; they can break down or not be strong enough for the extremely hot weather outside, in which case a fan can save you and your traveling group from suffering a heat stroke. Both electric and battery fans are advisable for your trip.

Folding chairs: Of course, the plan isn’t to stay all day inside the RV. You could, but how would you enjoy the place you’ve been driving for so long to get to? Folding chairs are perfect for taking out and enjoying a new environment while your RV is parked.

These don’t take up any space inside the RV because of their convenient design and are easy to install wherever you want them.

Leveling blocks: Most renters forget the importance of these convenient items. Every time you park your RV, even the slightest unleveled ground can cause it to lean backward and start rolling away. Of course, you don’t want that! Leveling blocks can be placed behind the back tires for support and keeping the RV or trailer steady in one place.

First kit aid: As much as we don’t want to, the road is unpredictable. Anything can happen. It is always a smart move to bring a first aid kit if someone gets injured and needs a quick fix. Also, many first aid kits include non-prescription medicines such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and even epi-pens which can be useful if someone starts feeling under the weather or has an allergic reaction.

Microwaves and instant pots: These two kitchen appliances make the cooking process a lot easier, which is very useful on the road. If you’re taking frozen meals or instant foods, both items are more than necessary for you to pack. Nowadays, fast cooking items like air fryers are also RV-friendly. Anything that makes every meal faster and easier.

Bedsheets and blankets: Remember your RV rental only includes a bed and mattress, yet all the bed dressing is on you. It depends on how long you plan to travel, but two sets for every bed is the right amount. You can always stop by a laundromat and wash whatever is necessary. Some RV rentals can rent you these for an extra price.

Paper towels and toilet paper: We won’t say that RV trips extend from any spilling accidents. Like any motor vehicle, it is just as exposed. This is why having extra paper towel rolls come in handy!

To wipe and clean quickly before anything sets on the RV furniture or carpet. Toilet paper, of course, is essential to the trip. Depending on how long it will be, some extra rolls won’t hurt anyone. Just make sure you have enough to cover everyone’s necessities.

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