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Read This If You’re An RV Amateur Driver!

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368 National Dr., Rockwall, TX 75032

Read This If You’re An RV Amateur Driver!

Imagine pulling up to a campsite in your RV, complete with all the comforts of home. You can explore the great outdoors without giving up any of the amenities you’re used to. And best of all, driving an RV rental is much simpler than you might think. In fact, with a little practice, you could be on your way to your next camping adventure in no time! 

Driving an RV is different from driving a car or a tow truck. It takes more expertise to do it. If you’re planning to rent an RV, this is your blog. We’ll review some information you must know before driving an RV for the first time. Here’s what you need to know about driving RV rentals


Get Familiar With Your RV Before Hitting The Road

Measure Your RVs Height:

You can usually find your RV’s specifications online, but it’s good to double-check them for accuracy. Low bridges and tunnels frequently have height limits posted, as do some roads.

Measure Your RVs Width:

When parking and driving your RV, always be aware of its width. Some states have size restrictions on certain roads, so you don’t want to get pulled over or damage your vehicle. Also, measure your mirrors, as they can easily hit objects while driving or parking.

Check The Weight Limits:

When packing for your trip, make sure not to exceed the weight limit of your RV. This includes both the vehicle’s overall weight and individual axle weights. Overloading can cause damage to your RV, costing you money and possibly putting you in danger.

Check Mirrors & Blindspots:

Just like driving a car, your RV rental will have blind spots. Make sure to check all mirrors before changing lanes or turning. Adjust your mirrors so you can see as much space on both sides of your RV as possible. Your flat mirror allows you to look in all directions, including behind and beside the vehicle. The convex mirror allows you to observe the side of the automobile to the back and up to 12 feet out to each side, but there will always be a blind spot.


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