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Road Trip Planning 101: The Guide For RVers

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368 National Dr., Rockwall, TX 75032

Road Trip Planning 101: The Guide For RVers

With such nice weather and a long weekend coming up, thanks to the 4th of July, nothing sounds better than having some fun on the road inside an RV rental. Haven’t you always dreamed of enjoying independence day fireworks in one of our many national parks? When you rent an RV, you can make it happen!

There’s nothing to worry about if you have zero knowledge of planning an RV trip. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know to make the most of your trip and enjoy the adventure. 


To Plan A Successful RV Trip, You Need To…


Step 1- Choose The Right RV Model

The first step in planning any successful RV trip is to make sure you choose the right RV model for your specific needs. Do you need a smaller Class B RV for easy maneuverability? Or do you want a larger Class A RV with more space and storage? Once you’ve decided on the size, it’s time to start looking at different RV floor plans to find the perfect one for your group.

Quest RV has a wide variety of RV rentals, so you’re sure to find the one you need. 


Step 2- Match Your Plan With Your Budget

After finding the perfect RV, it’s time to start planning your budget. How much are you willing to spend on gas? How often do you plan on stopping for activities? When will you be staying in campgrounds vs. boondocking? Answering these questions will help you better match your plans with your budget.


Step 3- Determine Your Route & Stops

Now that you know your budget, it’s time to start planning your route. For first-time RVers, we recommend sticking to the highways and avoiding backroads. You can always explore those once you get a feel for driving your RV. As you’re planning your route, be sure to also look for different campgrounds and attractions to stop at along the way.


Step 4- Book Campsites in Advanced 

If you’re planning on spending any nights in a campground, we recommend booking your campsites. Some of the most popular campgrounds can fill up months in advance, so it’s best to book as soon as you know your dates.


Step 5- Research RV Parking in Advance

If you’re planning on spending time in cities or other areas with limited RV parking, research parking in advance. Many cities have specific RV parking areas with hookups, while others require you to find street parking. Knowing where you can and cannot park will save you time and frustration.


Get RV Rentals For Your Next Road Trip

If you’re ready to hit the road, check out our wide selection of RV rentals. At Quest RV, we have everything from small Class B RVs to large Class A RVs, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. If you need any help in finding the perfect motorhome rental for your trip, our staff has over 20 years of experience working in the RV rental industry. 

Start planning your next vacation with us. Our models include plenty of sleeping space and are packed with basic amenities such as a TV, microwave, shower, stovetop, and refrigerator. Check out our RV catalog https://questrv.com/  or visit our facility: 368 National Dr. Rockwall, TX!



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