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With Quest RV Rentals in North Texas

Class A RVs

“Camping” will never be the same with RVs from our recreational vehicle rental agency. Ranging from 27 to 37 feet, our Platinum RVs each have their own unique amenities, including beautifully decorated and spacious interiors, and television. Rent an RV here and start RV Camping!

RV Rentals in Fort Worth

Ace 32B

33ft Class A
Single Slide

Luxury RV Rentals in Dallas

Axis 27.7

29ft Class A
Double Slide

Cross Country 360DL

Diesel Pusher
36ft Class A
Double Slide

Hurricane 34J (K)

36ft Class A
Single Slide

RV Rentals in Fort Worth

Hurricane 34J (M)

36ft Class A
Single Slide

RV Rentals in Fort Worth

Hurricane 34J (N)

36ft Class A
Single Slide

Class B Vehicles

All of our Class B RVs are perfect for an intimate getaway or small family vacation. With beds for 2-4 and seatbelts for 4-6, these luxurious units combine top-of-the-line interiors with unparalleled ease of operation. Get your RV rental!

RV Rentals in Fort Worth

Coachmen Beyond 22C

22ft Class B

RV Rentals in Fort Worth

Storyteller Overland Stealth Mode

20ft Class B

RV Rentals in Fort Worth

Winnebago Solis Pocket 36A

18ft Class B

Class C RVs

All of our Class C RVs are packed with value and are immaculate! These rental units are affordable, very family-friendly, and fully equipped with a TV, microwave, generator, stove, refrigerator, freezer, toaster, and coffee pot. Find your RV rental today!

Chateau 28A

30ft Class C

Chateau 31EV

32ft Class C
Single Slide

Four Winds 24F

25ft Class C
Single Slide

Four Winds 31EV

32ft Class C
Single Slide

Conquest 6250

27ft Class C
Single Slide

Freedom Elite 30FE

32ft Class C
Double Slide

Minnie Winnie 31G

32ft Class C
Single Slide

Redhawk 31F

32ft Class C
Single Slide

Airstream Travel Trailers

The most complete selection of Airstream Travel Trailers for rent in the Southwest, these family-friendly rental units provide great accommodations and luxurious amenities for all your cooking and living needs.

All trailers require the tow vehicle to have a brake controller. Wireless brake controller available for rent. Get your travel trailer rental here!

Airstream Base Camp

16ft Travel Trailer

Travel Trailers

For those cost-conscious vacationers who want a unit to use with their own vehicle, these family-friendly rental units provide great accommodations. They often have several sleeping areas and basic amenities such as a TV, microwave, shower, stovetop, and refrigerator.

All trailers require the tow vehicle to have a brake controller. Wireless brake controller available for rent. Rent your travel trailer with Quest RV!

Flagstaff E-Pro 19FBS

20ft Travel Trailer
Single Slide

Grey Wolf 29TE

36ft Travel Trailer
Single Slide

Hideout 272LHS

30ft Travel Trailer
Single Slide

Imagine 2970RL

34ft Travel Trailer
Double Slide


Jay Flight 174BH

22ft Travel Trailer

Salem 28VBXL

33ft Travel Trailer
Single Slide

Sunray 109

12ft Travel Trailer

Wildwood 263QBXL

32ft Travel Trailer
Single Slide

Wildwood 29VBUD

36ft Travel Trailer
Single Slide

Why Choose Quest RV

These days, it seems you can rent an RV from just about anyone on the internet. BEWARE, there are a few things you should consider when renting an RV from an individual, even when it is through one of the larger outfits that offers a collection of RVs owned by individuals. Here’s a list of some things to consider:

  1. How do you know if they perform regular maintenance on the RV?
  2. Has it been sitting in someone’s backyard for a year, and now they think, “Hey, maybe I can make a buck renting my RV out” without ever getting it looked over?
  3. Who do you call if you have a question, or if something goes wrong?
  4. What is the age and condition of all tires?
  5. Make sure you have proper insurance coverage in case of an accident or damage to the RV. Do not take someone’s word for it.
  6. Is there Roadside Assistance?
  7. What if someone rents it out before you and wrecks it? There is no way to get a replacement RV and now all of your campground reservations, park tickets, etc. also have to be canceled.

We have heard countless stories and received many panicked phone calls with heartbroken families that went to pick up the RV that they had rented through an individual and it was not what they expected or the individual suddenly decided that it could not be rented.

While they thought they were saving money going this route, these families would lose all of their deposits for planned stops along their way, plus suffering a huge disappointment when the trip of a lifetime goes down the drain at the last minute.

At Quest RV, we are family-owned and operated. You are given our phone number to call should you have any questions or problems along the way. We have a technician on call at all times and provide roadside assistance. We do a multi-point inspection prior to departure and our RVs are on strict maintenance schedules. We have professionals clean the RVs so that when you come to pick it up, it is just the way you want it.

Do yourself a favor, do your homework, read our reviews, come look at our RVs, and have peace of mind before and during your trip that you are dealing with professionals that care about your family and want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.


Pricing Package

Get 5 hours free generator usage per day, 150 miles free per day, no tank dumping fee, no exterior cleaning fee, free coach utility kit, and free standard amenities.

It’s RV Time

Reservation deposits are $500 for Motorhomes or Airstream trailers, $300 for other trailers.

Customer Friendly Pricing Packages

What is “Customer Friendly Pricing Packages”?

At Quest RV, we prefer for our customers to have no surprises, so we offer a host of complimentary services and features as part of our Customer Friendly Pricing Package.

So what does that really mean when you’re comparing prices? Simply, when you add in all the fees that other rental companies charge, Quest RV is very competitive in price, and often less expensive – and we offer coaches with amenities not available from most rental companies.

Additionally, at Quest RV, you can reserve a specific unit that you select from our website based on your needs and preferences. Most rental companies only show you a “comparable” unit, so you do not know the exact floor plan, amenities, model, or decor of the actual unit you will receive.

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    • Prices do not include Texas state rental tax of 10%
    • NO PROPANE CHARGE, additional propane is the responsibility of the renter
    • PREP FEE includes standard cleaning, tank dumping and orientation training.
    • GENERATOR USAGE, five hours free per day and $2.95 per hour overage (No generator in Trailers)
    • NO REFUND ON RESERVATION DEPOSITS; should you need to cancel your reservation, you have one year to use your deposit
    • Delivery is available, call for pricing
    • All reservations made within thirty days of departure will be due in full and are non-refundable; should you need to cancel your reservation, you have one year to use your payment

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