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The Official Rockwall RV Travel Guide

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Looking for a safe and fun option for your next vacation? You don’t have to look far! An RV road trip inside Rockwall is the perfect choice for families, friends, and couples. This ultimate RV travel guide for Rockwall will give you ideas of where you to go, plus where to find RV rentals in Rockwall.

The Best RV Parks Near You

RV parks are convenient for RV road trips — they’re already equipped for RVs and are easily accessible. Here are some of the best parks in Rockwall to visit in your RV.

Southern Belle Ranch & RV Park

If you love a ranch-style setting, this park is perfect for you, and it’s only 2 miles from Rockwall. Month-to-month rates are available for only $500, including all basic services such as water, sewer, lawn care, and garbage. You can also get wifi for an extra $25. The park is pet-friendly and happily accepts walk-ins.

Lake Ray Hubbard RV Resort

If you love lakes and want to bring your dog on your RV adventure, Lake Ray Hubbard RV Resort is for you. It has a large dog walking area, perfect for your furry friend to stretch their legs. The views are beautiful and the resort offers services like laundry and an antenna with more than 40 channels.

Skyline RV Park

If privacy is what you want, go to Skyline. Each individual lot is completely separated from the rest by a 6’6′ redwood stained cedar fence for ultimate seclusion, as well as an 8’8′ tall x 15” wide custom iron gate for RV access into the property. The gate can be locked for added security.


This park is only 200 yards away from the lakeshore. The weather is usually warm, and the facilities are pet-friendly. Lavonland is ideal for bonfires at night and paddleboarding during the day.

Countryview RV Park

Countryview has been in business for a little over 10 years. Hidden by trees and boasting an amazing lake and ponds, this park is perfect for having barbecues and picnics. They offer robust security, and it’s still close to the city if you need to pick up any essentials.

Choose Your RV

Once you know where you want to go, it’s time to pick your RV. You can rent your RV from an RV company in Rockwall, like Quest RV. At Quest RV, we offer motorized RVs, including Class A, B, and C, and travel trailers.


Our motorized RVs are RVs that have their own generator, which powers the whole vehicle. Class A, B, and C RVs are all motorized but have distinct features:

Class A: the largest style of RV, Class A RVs range from 26-45 feet and resemble buses. Class A RVs are usually very spacious and sleep 4+ people, depending on the model.

Class C: Class C RVs are built on a van or pickup truck chassis, so you can easily identify them by the raised area above the cab. They’re smaller than Class As but are still spacious and comfortable.

Class B: these RVs are the smallest in size, usually resembling a van. Class Bs are the closest to a regular-sized vehicle but contain all the basic features of a motorized RV.

Travel Trailers

If your car can tow a travel trailer, they’re a great option for your Rockwall road trip. We have the most complete selection of travel trailers in the Southwest.

Go On The Road With Quest RV’s Help

At Quest RV, we help you choose the best RV for your Rockwall road trip from our selection of Rv rentals. As a seasoned RV company in Rockwall, we make recommendations based on what you have planned, your needs, and your budget. We also offer a Customer Friendly Pricing Package that includes everything you’ll need, with no extra fees.

We know that in every RV we rent, new memories are created. That’s why we maintain and service our RVs properly and remain available for assistance — even when you’re on the road. You can get to know Rockwall in style and with peace of mind knowing you and your family are traveling in a reliable RV.



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