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Top 3 Gas-Saving Tips For RV Rentals

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Top 3 Gas-Saving Tips For RV Rentals

A road trip is a great way to see the country and spend time with family and friends. But gas can be expensive, especially if you’re driving long distances. If you’re planning a trip around the country or to a campsite in your RV rental but worry about fuel expenses, this blog is perfect!

We don’t want fuel costs to stop you from having fun on your next vacation. In this blog, we’ll give you some great tips to save money on fuel and improve your RV’s gas mileage.


3 Tips To Keep Your Tank & Wallet Full

RV rentals are heavy vehicles, which makes them use more gasoline than light-weight vehicles. Yet, you can still optimize gas consumption by doing the following:

Drive Slowly & Consistently:

On average, the most fuel-efficient speed for motorhomes is 55 to 65 miles per hour. The more quickly and aggressively you accelerate, the more gas you’ll waste just getting up to speed. Slow, constant acceleration and deceleration are kinder on your engine, brakes, and wallet. When traveling down the road, use cruise control to help maintain a consistent speed.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

One way to save on gas is to schedule regular maintenance checkups. Just like with a car, regular tune-ups can help an RV run more efficiently. Having a team of experts check the RV regularly can help identify any potential issues before they cause problems on the road. By keeping your RV in top condition, you can save money on gas and enjoy your travels for years to come.

Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle

Every extra pound that your RV has to carry requires more fuel to move it, which means that you will end up using more gas overall. An overloaded RV can impact your braking and handling, making it more difficult to drive safely. So next time you’re packing up the RV for a road trip, make sure that you aren’t carrying more than you need. You may be surprised at how much money you can save simply by lightening your load.


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