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‘Heat’ The Road With These Types Of RV Heaters

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Did you know that winter in Rockwall can reach temperatures slightly below 40 ℉? It’s probably time to start turning on those heaters inside your home to help everyone stay warm and cozy, but what happens if you’re planning to travel in your RV?

You can either try to battle the cold by wearing lots of heavy winter clothing or find the perfect heater for your RV. Yes! RV heaters are a thing! If this is the first time you hear about them or you want to know more, we’ll dig into the types of RV heaters and the factors you must consider when choosing the right one for your RV before hitting the road on this holiday season.

RV Propane Heater

You can normally find this type of heater in an RV rental or motorhome rental because they come equipped with it by default. As the name says, this requires propane gas to hit the rig; it will also consume battery energy to start running and have the fan working.

Because this is a built-in furnace, it has ductwork running alongside the pipes and into the bottom center of the RV. This can be beneficial because it will keep the plumbing from freezing, especially if you have an enclosed underbelly.

Compared to others, the propane heater can be inefficient because it sends most of the heat outside, and it will eat up your propane gas in no time, forcing you to constantly replace the tank.

RV A/C With Heat Pumps

Most RVs are equipped with an A/C system that includes heat pumps. In some cases, this may become in addition to a propane heater or be the only type of heating system included in the RV.

The heat pumps run with electricity, meaning that propane gas won’t be necessary, so you’ll save some money buying extra tanks. Most of the time, electricity is included in the campground fees, so you’ll have no issue keeping your RV inside warm during your stay.

The downside of this type of heater is that they only work for temperatures above 40℉, so if you’re planning to visit or camp in super cold weather, this might not be the right choice for you.

Portable Propane Heaters

This is a perfect option for those who want a propane heater without consuming any electricity. Even though these heaters are small, they’re very powerful. They’ve got enough capacity to heat an average-sized RV.

There is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why it is absolutely necessary to leave a window open for proper ventilation; however, they’re still 100% more efficient than the big built-in RV furnaces.

This type of heater doesn’t keep the plumbing protected from freezing, so you’ll have to find alternative ways of heating your pipes and tanks in extremely cold temperatures.

Electric Space Heaters

These heaters are extremely convenient. They don’t require propane, so you’re more than free to use them at any campsite with included electricity. They’re much better at heating a room than the heat pumps because they work at any temperature, and only a few will are needed to heat an RV.

Of course, if you’re planning to camp off-grid with no access to electricity, this is not the most convenient choice for you.

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